Swap Wallet manifest

The modern world offers us more control and less freedom, moving farther away from the ideas of true democracy for all. Therefore, today, in the era of blockchain and modern technology, we recall the experience of the first city-state – Athens.

As we know, Athens were the first to make a historic breakthrough in the cultural, social and political world order, and, having thrown off the shackles of tyranny, they created the first democracy – the direct authority of the people.

We have collected quotes of the great philosophers of that time in order to broadcast values that originated two and a half thousand years ago, but are relevant in the modern world.

With the words of Socrates, the teachings of Aristotle, we are talking about new challenges of the era, and the best of the blockchain and the world of cryptocurrencies will cope with them. When we talk about SWAP, we talk about freedom with you. When we talk about freedom, we offer you SWAP WALLET!

SWAP WALLET is a safe responsible custody of your funds without the possibility of interfering of third parties.

SWAP WALLET is completely safe to transfer funds you have earned to anywhere in the world, without regulatory conditions, unfair fees and selling bitcoins without fees through our P2P bot.

SWAP WALLET is the acquisition of mining equipment to earn money, providing transactions for other participants.

Modern society does not want to give the results of its work into the hands of the regulator; people themselves without anyone’s help unite in a community where everyone makes a decision and reaps the benefits.

Using blockchain, we are returning true democracy!


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