SWAP Media

The concept of a decentralized, informational, self-sustaining, commodity – informational social network. A digital information resource with self-generating content, where users can publish their articles, whose popularity generates income for authors and their readers.

This media will have distinctive features from other specialized resources, primarily the high usefulness of information and its applied nature. Top-level information on how to invest,
how mining farms work and how to start earning on them. How and where to use a letter of credit, what is the high attractiveness of smart contracts and the environment of use.

The main audience is not traders, like most people, but people of middle active age who consider cryptocurrency as a financial tool for saving and increasing their funds, developing blockchain in their area of ​​interest and looking for some kind of unconditional income, away from tough regulators.

The resource provides bonuses and payments to those authors who write the most popular materials, as well as to those who like and comment. Payments are made in cryptocurrency and in the presence of an active wallet.