Why do we need 2FA


Surprisingly, even though two-factor authentication (2FA) has proven it safety in many crypto services, most people don’t use it until they run into a problem. They may not understand why 2FA is so important for the safety of funds. This is why we want to explain the importance of 2FA:

What is 2FA?

In simple terms, it is an additional layer of security that is added to the existing method (username and password) that you use when logging into the application. The added layer ensures that the website or wallet you enter “confirms” that it is you.

How 2FA works?

If two-factor authentication is enabled, you will only be allowed access to website or wallet services after performing some additional steps:

This can take the form of a message sent to your mobile phone or to your email address, with a code or link that you must verify before your account can be opened. Besides SMS and email, there are also mobile apps like Google Authenticator and Authy.

Why is it important for cryptocurrency security?

With 2FA enabled, you will be notified every time someone else tries to access your savings. And also – will make access impossible for intruders.

In the Swap Wallet app, you can enable 2FA when you first sign up and in your account settings. We highly recommend using 2FA – an extra layer of security combined with a strong password is a great way to ensure you have complete confidence in the security of your funds.