Swap Bot

Hello friends!
Maybe you didn’t know, but the Swap Wallet service includes not only a website and a mobile application, we also have our own Telegram bot called Swap Bot. This is a very simple and comfy tool for P2P exchange of cryptocurrencies to fiat and vice versa, which is always available right in your messenger.

Swap Bot does not require registration, Bitcoin wallet is automatically created in it after launch, it can be replenished without commission. Then the user can easily and quickly buy cryptocurrency for fiat and sell it in the opposite direction, exchanging bitcoins for rubles or other fiat currencies.

The main function of Swap Bot is stock exchange of private ads for buying / selling cryptocurrency. The simple and straightforward structure of the bot allows users to make transactions with crypto in just a few clicks. First, you choose the direction you are interested in (for example, the exchange of Bitcoin for the Ruble), after which a list of offers will open in front of you, sorted by the rate from the best to the worst.

Each user of the exchange has his own personal profile, in which you can see the number of transactions made by him, rating and reviews from other sellers or buyers. In addition to the proposed rate, the list of ads also publishes the desired amount of crypto or fiat that this user is willing to buy or sell.

Making an exchange through the Swap Bot is very easy – you can do it in just a couple of steps. To do this, you indicate the direction, choose a suitable offer, enter the required amount and send the details for payment.

The exchange of crypto for fiat through Swap Bot guarantees fraud protection from both sides. For example, when you sell Bitcoin, the funds you send are first deposited in the account and transferred to the buyer only after he transfers fiat to you and you confirm receipt.

The bot allows buyers and sellers to open tickets in case of any controversial situations (no translation has arrived, etc). The administration of the Swap Wallet service examines the arguments of the parties and the evidence attached by them in the form of screenshots, and then makes a fair decision.