Mining pool

Hello friends!

In the final post of our introductory series, we will tell you about such an important part of the Swap Wallet functionality as the mining pool. As you may have learned from the last post, we have our own Swap Umnus data center. And the total power of the equipment stably reaches 10 PH/s, sometimes even more.

We offer users not only to purchase our equipment and use it for investment purposes, but also to connect their own miners to our mining pool. All operations for connecting and configuring equipment in the pool are easily and quickly performed through the Swap Wallet App in just a few steps.

So, what are the benefits of our mining pool?

1) We offer higher reward than you will get when working with large and popular pools.

2) Users who have placed their equipment are daily rewarded for using their capacities to their personal Swap Wallets without any hidden fees.

3) We have a convenient interface for monitoring and controlling miners located in our data center. Through the application, users can monitor various parameters of their work online (duration of work, capacity in different periods of time, etc.).

In case of any problems or questions, you can always contact our technical support at any time. Swap Wallet specialists will be happy to help you set up your equipment and provide you with comprehensive advice.