Hello there,

We continue our series of posts on the main features of the Swap Wallet. In this post we will talk about investments, because our platform helps users not only to store, transfer and change, but also to earn cryptocurrency.

So, what do we offer to invest and how much can you earn by that?

Swap Wallet has an exclusive contract for the supply of miners from the famed Chinese brand Canaan. This is a large manufacturer, whose products make up about 20% of the entire world mining equipment market.

Our users can invest their money in the purchase of miners of various brands and models – not only Canaan, but also other popular brands (ASICs, etc.). We own our own mining pool, which allows us to install and maintain client equipment without any restrictions.

What kind of income do such investments bring?

According to statistics, the average annual profitability of the pool with our miners in 2019 was 27-35%, minus the cost of electricity. All information is easily verified: in the “Statistics” section of the Swap Wallet mobile application, you can see the current profitability, the performance of each miner and other indicators. The profit is paid to investors’ wallets on a daily basis. The investor can suspend the operation of his equipment at any time or sell it – and do all of that inside the App.

All miners are housed in our own Swap Umnus data center with a capacity of 150 MW, which is equipped with everything necessary for stable and uninterrupted operation. It is a reliable source of electricity, indoor climate control and a security system that works 24/7. Also, the work of the data center is constantly monitored by a team of experienced engineers, so we guarantee that the equipment of investors is in absolute safety.