Bitcoin 2021

The bitcoin rate in 2020 showed steady growth, from January to October the value of the main cryptocurrency increased by 47% and at the moment (15.10) it is equal to $ 11,300.

Should you mine Bitcoin now?

In May 2020, a very important event took place in the world of cryptocurrencies - the halving of Bitcoin, which halved the amount of reward to miners.

A bit of analytics

What are the possibilities for the crypto market in the near future and why are the forecasts of its imminent final collapse far from reality?

What is blockchain?

We continue the series of introductory posts and want to talk about what blockchain is and why this technology has become the basis for all cryptocurrencies.

What is investment portfolio?

As you know, the Swap Wallet service can be used not only for storing, transferring and exchanging cryptocurrency, but also for investing it. That is why we will devote our next article to such a popular topic as an investment portfolio and its types.

Why do we need 2FA

Surprisingly, even though two-factor authentication (2FA) has proven it safety in many crypto services, most people don't use it until they run into a problem. They may not understand why 2FA is so important for the safety of funds.

Mining pool

In the final post of our introductory series, we will tell you about such an important part of the Swap Wallet functionality as the mining pool. As you may have learned from the last post, we have our own Swap Umnus data center. And the total power of the equipment stably reaches 10 PH/s, sometimes even more.


We continue our series of posts on the main features of the Swap Wallet. In this post we will talk about investments, because our platform helps users not only to store, transfer and change, but also to earn cryptocurrency.