Swap Wallet

Use all the necessary tools on one platform.

Swap Wallet is a convenient application to buy, sell and store bitcoin, its exchange for fiat currencies, purchase of mining equipment or connection to a pool.

Swap Wallet

Canaan, the world's largest manufacturer of high-quality miners, presents the Swap Wallet platform – a new generation mining.

Now you can purchase, connect, exchange your Canaan Avalon miner in two clicks and immediately start earning on the unique Swap Wallet platform. 150 MW of electric power, a pool for unraveling bitcoin blocks, reliable and convenient crypto wallet with many additional features - now all this works for you.

Choose reliable equipment from Canaan and innovative cryptocurrency Swap Wallet platform - and earn more and faster.


We have built modern and convenient data center - the most professional and thoughtful to detail. 

Capacity of 150 MW;
Equipped with the comprehensive security system operating around the clock;
The necessary temperature and humidity is maintained by climate control;
Uninterrupted electricity for mining is guaranteed;
Everything has been done so that SWAP UMNUS works as efficiently as possible and you constantly earn money.

Swap Wallet
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BTC Wallet

Wallet for buying, sending and receiving BTC. Extremely transparent and easy to use. 

Track balance and detailed transaction history;
Get Bitcoin to your personal address using QR-code;
Transfer inside the wallet without commissions and waiting for confirmation;
Make transactions inside the system safely;
Set up a commission for sending Bitcoin by yourself.


Invest in cryptocurrency as conveniently and quickly as possible together with Swap Wallet

Buy high-quality Avalon miners on favorable terms;
Place mining equipment in the reliable Swap Umnus data center;
Fully control your own miner for 24/7;
Receive detailed reports on your income and expenses;
Sell the company's devices under Trade in program, if you want to stop mining.


Use own Swap Wallet bot to make transactions using a cryptocurrency letter of credit. Fast and safe.

You can search for sellers and buyers yourself;
You can agree on the course of sale with sellers and buyers;
Zero commission. Earn extra on course difference;
Bot guarantees complete anonymity and security of transactions;
All transactions occur instantly when you use the wallet from Swap Wallet platform;


Swap Wallet presents you the most technologically advanced pool for clustering blocks.

Connect your equipment;
Evaluate the convenience of the interface;
Carry out cryptocurrency mining without hidden fees;
Receive payment of funds on Swap Wallet;
Monitor device performance anytime, anywhere.


Your own control over the movement of cryptocurrency.

Quickly exchange within the application;
Fix your balance in internal currency;
Convert bitcoins to stable coins and back, receiving profit from currency fluctuations;
Make secure transactions within the system;
Track the instant receipt of funds.

Swap Wallet

Storage, send and recieve Bitcoin in mobile app.

You can invest in newest AvalonMiner on favourable terms.

Exchange Bitcoin to another stable currencies in your wallet.










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