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new criteria of your independence!

When we talk with you about SWAP, we talk about freedom. When we talk about freedom, we offer you SWAP WALLET.

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Wallet for buying, sending and receiving cryptocurrencies. Maximum transparency and easy to use.

Cryptocurrencies and fiat

0% transfer fee

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Fix your balance in stablecoins. At the time of conversion, hedging of your funds on large exchanges is done automatically.

0% transfer fee

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Swap - Bot

Use your own Swap Wallet bot to trade using a cryptocurrency letter of credit. Fast and safe.

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Buy miners of various models on beneficial terms and place them in the reliable Swap Umnus data center.

27-35% return in 2019
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Mining Pool

Swap Wallet offers you the most technologically advanced pool for solving clusters.

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Swap Umnus

Our main non-digital asset is a large modern data center that is as convenient as possible and well-thought-out for mining. Everything has been done for the efficient and sustainable operation.

  • Power 150 MW
  • Round the clock security system
  • Climate control in rooms with equipment
  • Guaranteed uninterrupted electricity for mining

Everything has been done for the SWAP UMNUS efficient work so that you could constantly earn money!

Swap Wallet
makes cryptocurrency

Are you new to

That's not such a big deal! The world of digital currency may seem a bit complicated. But we are here to help you!

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I already have a wallet.
I want to find the best

We offer to keep your options open without limiting to buying a hackneyed bitcoin. You can create your own portfolio of assets consisting of several cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.

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I want to bring my income
to a new level.

Connect to our Swap Wallet platform, weigh all the advantages of investing in a blockchain system compared to a banking structure.

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I represent a company.
How can you help me?

We are working on the implementation of modern blockchain solutions for companies that will allow you to make instant payments and reduce the tax burden.

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